Tangi tokens serve as a digital payment system for cannabis retailers, a payment currency for cannabis consumers and a viable project for you, the early mover.

Tangi provides an alternative payment solution to the cannabis industry. Currently, cash is the only payment option available to consumers. We deliver our payment service to cannabis retailers and consumers alike, in the form of Crypto Tokens known as Tangi.

Retailers need us. Consumers want us. You should join us.

Early movers get in at a pre-sale discounted rate of $0.25c per token, prior to our public launch. 50 million tokens will be available in the Pre-Sale. The first 10 million tokens will be available to the fastest movers at $0.15c per token on a first come first served basis.
We simultaneously deploy the token across 7,500 dispensaries in the USA, creating huge demand for Tangi Tokens among millions of cannabis customers.
12% of the American population are legal cannabis consumers. This means there are more than 50 million potential Tangi users in the USA alone. Those consumers are incentivized to use Tangi Tokens to pay for their cannabis products, rather than cash, meaning they have an essential need for Tangi.
By driving cannabis consumers to the Tangi Platform, we deliver ready-made end users straight to your doorstep.
As a company, we initially generate revenues through transaction fees, only. Each time a cannabis consumer makes a purchase using Tangi Tokens, we charge them a small transaction fee. This means we are eager to get the tokens out of the early movers wallets and into the hands of cannabis consumers. Our business strategy places early movers in a very good place.


Tangi Tokens

are an extension of our tried & tested payment system for the Legal Cannabis Industry

In a market place where CASH is abundant, our model has already been adopted by industry leaders. Tangi has already entered the cannabis market and performs flawlessly. We offer an enviable incentive programs to millions of cannabis consumers to use Tangi tokens to purchase their cannabis goods.

We have successfully trialed Phase 1 of our payment solution in a number of dispensaries including some of the biggest players in the industry, who are publicly floated cannabis companies with large market valuations.
We witnessed an average increase of 38% in consumer spending when customers used Tangi rather than cash, as payment for cannabis purchases
Phase 2 of Tangi will involve a nationwide roll out strategy into all US cannabis dispensaries, with a user market of more than 50 million consumers in the United States alone. Phase 2 will also include Canada, Europe, Australia and South America.



John Hourican

John Hourican


Pritesh Kumar

Dr. Pritesh Kumar

Chief Scientist

Martin Brady

Martin Brady

Co founder


Zach Fuentes

Zach Fuentes

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff

Brian Cowen Advisor

Brian Cowen

Former Prime Minister of Ireland

Stan Larimer

Stan Larimer


Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart

Founder of Bitshares



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Road Map

January 2020

Following 2 years of development, testing of our custom built digital payment solution for the legal cannabis industry commences within small privately owned cannabis dispensaries across the United States of America

May 2020

Following our initial trials in Retail Stores, our digital payment solution is privately tested by some of the larger cannabis companies in the inustry

Up to October 2020

$16+ Million in transactions at cannabis dispensaries using our payment solution

December 2020

$5 Million transacted in a single month using our payment solution. Both retailers and consumers demonstrate a huge appetite for our service during our testing period, proving that a digital payment solution is clearly an essential need, which has not yet being delivered successfully to the industry.

June 2021

Following further development & careful consideration,Tangi Token is developed as the preferred vehicle of delivery for our payment solution to the cannabis consumer market, as Crypto meets Cannabis

September 20th 2021

Launch of Tangi Token Pre-Sale

November 29th 2021

Launch of Tangi IDO

February 2022 & Beyond

Tangi to embark on a pre-arranged nationwide scale up into cannabis retail stores. TANGI tokens expected to be traded on all major exchanges. Tangi looks to expand its success from the legal cannabis industry, into other retail sectors.


Token Sale

  • Token name:Tangi Token
  • Ticker Symbol:TANGI
  • Currency Symbol Image:$TANGI
  • Price Pre-ICO:$0.25
  • Fundraising Goal:50,000,000 Tangi Tokens
  • Total Supply250,000,000 Tangi Tokens
About the token

The token is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart chain. The contract address is the following: 0xcA205b5AD165665fC8b2D28cE5eC424d2E3C6295

Our data

Fund Distribution

Fund Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total funding goal: $12,500,000

  • 10% Nevada Cultivation costs
  • 10% California Manufacturing and Distribution
  • 40% Marketing and promotion
  • 30% Development of Tangi token ecosystem
  • 10% Operational costs


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